The Marble Arch Caves are one of Europe’s finest showcaves and allow visitors to explore a fascinating, natural underworld of rivers, winding passages and lofty chambers.  Lively and informative guides conduct tours past a bewildering variety of cave formations.  Stalactites glisten above steamways and chambers, while fragile mineral veils and cascades of creamy calcite coat walls and create shimmering terraces.  Spectacular walkways allow easy access while powerful lighting reveals the stunning beauty and grandeur of the caves.  Electrically powered boats glide through the huge caverns carrying visitors along a subterranean river.

Tours last for 75 minutes and are suitable for people of any age and of average fitness.  They consist of a 1.5km guided walk with 154 steps to climb at the end.  Comfortable walking shoes and a warm sweater are recommended.

Please be aware that the length of the tour is weather dependent and parts of the cave may be inaccessible after heavy rain.

Advance booking by telephone is strongly recommended (+44 (0) 2866348855).

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